DromAddOn v0.94

A tool that strives to facilitate working in DromEd
(Written by Quant, released under the GPL v2)

DromAddOn is a little tool, that sits right next to your DromEd window.
It contains a list of your favorite (or all) objects, brushes etc and lets you quickly edit properties and links on those, or jump right to them in DromEd.
It also contains a "Link Painter" that allows you to add links between objects in a more intuitive and quicker way than in DromEd.
All actions are carried out by sending commands to DromEd, so your mission file is never written to by DromAddOn.


DromAddOn-0.94.zip (text manual included)

If you want to have a look at the description/manual first, click here - or get the PDF manual made by Ricebug.
The source code (Borland Delphi) is available here.


I recommend to extract the contents of the zip file to a separate folder to keep things tidy.
If you already have a previous version installed: just extract to the same folder and overwrite the existing files.
Then just run DromAddOn.exe. If DromEd is already running, DromAddOn will attach to the right side of DromEd's window.


If you find any problems or have suggestions for improvements, you can send me a PM at the TTLG forums, or post them in this thread.

Version history

0.94 (2006-12-19):
* Ask to open mission in DromEd after loading a mission file, if it isn't already loaded there
* Fixed startup/docking problems when Thief(2) is running or DromEd is in Game mode
* Improved keyboard handling in search dialog
* Added "Find object by name" button to toolbar
* Fixed a tiny, rather theoretical glitch in the loot list generator

0.93 (2006-12-03):
* Some strange loot list bugs fixed (code almost completely rewritten)
* Added difficulty and containers to loot list
* Added save and copy commands to report dialog

0.92 (2006-12-02):
* Importing from mission file is way faster now
* In a few cases wrong parent object names were displayed for unnamed objects (eg. "An IsLoot" instead of "A "). Fixed (thanks to Telliamed).
* When jumping to an item in DromEd, the camera is now automatically unrolled and leveled.
* Added an About dialog and a link to the web site

0.91 (2006-11-25):
* Added a Loot List generator (in File menu)
* Wrong docking menu item was checked - fixed
* If DromEd wasn't loaded DromAddOn's window could end up outside the Desktop - fixed
* After changing to game mode in DromEd (or sometimes when loading a FM) the brush numbers didn't match anymore,
  and double-clicking an item in DromAddOn failed to go to the selected item in DromEd.
  This has been fixed by:
  - DromAddOn doesn't use the brush numbers from mission files, but simulates a compress_br_ids when loading a mis file.
  - Objects are now selected by object ID rather than by brush number.
  - If DromAddOn fails to select an item in DromEd, it sends a compress_br_ids, then tries again
  (all 3 options can be turned off in Settings, but this is not recommended)
* Jumping to an item in DromEd didn't work if the coordinates where only partially visible - fixed
* Added minimize/maximize buttons to the report dialog

0.9 (2006-11-16):
First public release